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Ball Machine Training

The Club has a ball machine (Tutor) for use by it's members and by the teaching staff. The machine is stored at the East Center.

Once you are certified you can reserve the machine. First you need to reserve a Court at East Center using PickleballPlus then reserve Tutor for the same date and time.  These reservations are completed after logging on as member then click on "Courts".

When you signup to use Tutor you will get a confirmation email that contains the lock code you will need to gain access to the storage room where Tutor is kept.

To become certified, sign up for one of the monthly training sessions on PickleballPlus under events. There will be monthly signups  on the second Wednesday of each month at 12:00 pm, East Center Court 7. Signups will be open 30 days in advance of the training date. Signups will be blocked two days in advance of the training date to allow instructors time to prepare. Once you have been trained you will be added to the certified Tutor Group allowing you to reserve Tutor.

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