Proposed GVR Pickleball Center

GVR Pickleball Center update

November 7, 2017


On Tuesday, November 7, through a unanimous consent agreement, the  GVR Board of Directors agreed to inform the property owner that GVR withdraws the offer to purchase its property to be developed as a GVR Pickleball Center due to its inability to remove the contingency that would allow pickleball court lighting under the Pima County Outdoor Lighting Code.


Our club will be asked to help raise funds for the construction of the new facilities and we are busy finding ways to raise the necessary money to contribute to those costs. If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution through the GVR Foundation, contact a Board member to learn how to do so. This is an excellent time to donate through the GVR Foundation and take advantage of the tax deduction before the end of the year. Donations made through the Foundation can be earmarked for the Pickleball Center.

Click below to view the full WSM Architect's report and presentation of the GVR 10 year Strategic Master Plan

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