PB Center Donation Survey


This survey is to give us an idea of the donation amounts we can expect from the pickleball club membership. This is only a survey and it is not an actual commitment! Keep in mind that to complete the full project, funds from other sources will be needed to complement GVR's contribution.

Please treat your response as if the construction has been approved, GVR has committed funds and construction will start any day. We need to show GVR that this club supports the project and will show that through their donations. For more detailed information CLICK HERE for the Special Pickleblast.

Please respond to this survey by Wednesday, January 16. Remember, this is only a survey - actual pledge forms will be available when GVR approves the initial funding!

All information you provide will be kept confidential. Tell us:

1) amount you would donate

2) if you would donate at start of construction

- or - 

3) if you would be interested in donating over multiple years (1, 2 or 3 years)