2018 Coaching Core Instructors

Coaching Core Instructors have participated in a training program emphasizing skill consistency and best practices in teaching pickleball. Instructors are introduced to the Do’s and Don’ts in teaching as well as common coaching traps and how to avoid them. Coaching Core Instructors will be the first individuals asked to assist in teaching all pickleball classes. Also, core instructors are encouraged to assist club members on a daily basis with questions or skill development.

Nancy Steffy   flosteffy@aol.com         719-210-3041

Cathy Ciferri   cciferri@aol.com         513-739-1901

Louise Bouck  willnlouise@gmail.com      616-638-9849

Kris Servais  kservais59@gmail.com       815-751-1959

Connie Griffin  pinkysue517@gmail.com    309-262-2956

Roy Dashen  roy.dashen@hotmail.com       520-301-7175

Bob Seemann   bob.seemann@icloud.com     651-341-3876

Paul May      may2az@cox.net             520-869-1479

Sharon Falor  coaches22@aol.com          928-853-3474

Sandy Heintz       heintzs@cox.net       719-338-2413

Gary Heintz         heintzg@cox.net      719-337-2841

Mark McIntosh     tykecabbie@gmail.com   309-275-8782

Joannie Davis      jhbdavis@cox.net      520-237-7490

Paul Serra  serrandipity49@gmail.com     224-805-2780 

Katie Peterson  katiepeterson2@yahoo.com 520-419-3469