Court Reservation

Pickleball courts reservations are open to all GVR members. Guest privileges have been suspended by GVR until further notice.

Please follow all posted rules and procedures regarding physical distancing, sanitizing and safe play.  For USAPA Return to Play Guidance, click here

When you arrive at the court all players on your reservation should scan their GVR card (East Center & Pickleball Center) or sign in (at Canoa Ranch).

Court Reservation Policy 

For complete reservation and court usage rules go to the website and click on 'Information' then 'Play Information'. The 'Current Court Schedules' are posted at the courts and on this website. 

You can reserve a court 1 week in advance.  If the reservation is on the 8th at 9:00 then you will be able to reserve it on the 1st at 9:00.

Round Robin 

The event is limited to Pickleball Members Only. This is the RR player signup.  If you also want to be a Coordinator please select the RR Coordinator event signup. 

Sign Up starts 7 AM on Saturday preceding the event.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • You will be only able sign up in your correct skill level


Plan to arrive at the courts at least 15 minutes before your start time. If you sign up then subsequently can't play be sure and go in and delete your name so someone else can play.

Coordinators are responsible for getting the Round Robin organized, starting and stopping the rounds and totaling the scores.

Round Robin Coordinator

This Signup is for those who want to signup as a coordinator for a Round Robin.  If you signup as a coordinator you can also signup to play before/after you have signed up as a coordinator.

Coordinators are responsible for getting the Round Robin organized, starting and stopping the rounds and totaling the scores.  You will have to signup every week.

Tutor Reservation

It is recommended that you first reserve a court then reserve Tutor.

You must be a GVR pickleball club member to participate in this Signup.

To reserve TUTOR you must have taken the training class and been certified.  For safety reasons it is highly recommended that you have a minimum of two players.  Accidents can happen and having at least one other person there is a must.  It is also suggested that you include three other players to retrieve balls and take turns using the Tutor making maximum use of the court time.   

As the certified user you are responsible for the machine when it is signed out to you!

When reserving Tutor you will also need to reserve a court at East Center. 

If you need information on how to access TUTOR go to the website and use 'Contact Us' (Need More Info?).

You will receive a reminder email with the four digit code that will unlock the East Center Storage room. If you  need additional assistance  call a supervisor.

See list of Certified Users and Supervisors.

Rating Review Request

Rating Reviews are only available to Pickleball Club members.  If you are not a club member please click here.

Members being tested should be prepared for the following. Questions regarding the process can be sent to Suzanne Nordhagen, Ratings Chair, at

1. Evaluator will contact the testee to confirm date and time.

2. Testee and testers should meet with the evaluator inside the building five (5) minutes prior to testing time.

3. There will not be a pre-assigned court. The evaluator will select the court the day of the testing and the testing group will remain on it for the duration of the testing period.

4. Testee should be warmed up and ready to play with their own ball. There will be no warm up time allowed.

5. Testee will play with and against three pre-selected testers who consistently demonstrate proficiency at the skill level being tested. For the 4.0 level, testers must have a current USAPA 4.0 rating.

6. Testee has three games to score a combined total of 21 points.

7. Testers are instructed to hit the majority of the shots to the testee.

8. If the testee reaches 21 points, they are advanced to the next level.

9. If the testee does not reach 21 points, they can re-test in two weeks.

10. Evaluator will provide constructive feedback for areas played well and also needing improvement.

Link to IFP Skill Level Defintions.

Link to Skill Rating Assessment.

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