February Dink & Dine & Toss

Dink & Dine & Toss
Pickleball and Cornhole
February 19th @ East Center Auditorium & Courts
3:00 - 7:00 pm

Hello Fellow Picklers! We are adding a new activity on Court 5 for a Cornament.
Asking for all Cornstars to join the fun alternative activity. Pickleball will be on the remaining courts. To add to the laughs, here are a few terms that you should be prepared to know!

Air Mail - Bag went into the hole without touching the board or other bags.
Dirty Bag - Bag handing on the edge of the board while touching the ground.
Grasshopper - Bag that touched the ground before landing on the board.
Six Pack - Two bags ended in the hole during a round. (6 pack carries 6 points)
Cornholed - It means that you were hit by a cornhole bag.
Screaming Eagle - When you miss the whole board without touching it.
Stiff Bag - Bad shot that was caused by disturbing competitors.

We are needing Cornhole sets including score cards. Contact Mary Wright,
970-218-9059, if you can bring boards.

Please bring an appetizer to share. B.Y.O.B. The club will provide plates & utensils.

Sign Up using the signup link on the home page.