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I’m in town for a few weeks and would like to play pickleball. What do I need to do to play?

Our sports courts are owned and managed by Green Valley Recreation (GVR). To play, you need to either be a GVR member, have a Tenant Card, or have a Guest Pass for access to the courts. You can get more information here: GVR Information

I’m a GVR member wanting to learn to play pickleball but the GVR classes fill up so fast I can never get registered for these classes. What can I do?

Pickleball classes offered through GVR are indeed quite popular and fill up very quickly. However, our club provides other instruction options including, Assisted Play, Orientation, and Skills and Drills sessions. Not all of these are offered year-round, equipment is provided for some, and some require GVR Pickleball Club membership. You can get more details on our registration page here: Class Information

What are the benefits to joining the GVR Pickleball Club?

The Skills and Drills sessions and Round Robins for each skill level are very popular and open only to club members during the high season. Also, our training aids such as ball machines, portable nets, and practice balls are provided for club members. Joining our club gives you a voice in the future of our sport in Green Valley as we work to build more courts to accomodate demand.

What is focus play and how does that work?

Our court schedules include dedicated times for those at each club skill level to play together, as indicated by the colored blocks with the rating level shown. Because focus play is available for each group almost daily, we ask that you play during your assigned focus play only.

I don’t have a club rating. How do I get one?

Our club provides skill ratings sessions weekly during high season. You can read the details on ratings here: ratings defintions. If you are a club member, you can register for a ratings session on SignUp Genius, which provides a full explanation of the process. If you’re just beginning, you can self-rate when you join the club and your instructors are a good resource to determine what your initial rating should be.

When there are a lot of people waiting to play, how do we determine what order to go in?

The clubs policy manual describes the paddle queueing methods used. It may sound confusing at first, but it’s pretty easy to learn and provides the best way we’ve found to accommodate the overcrowded conditions we frequently experience at our courts.

How does the cout reservation system work?

Court signups consist of a moving 8 day signup window. That 8 days is to the hour. For example Thursday at noon the first signup of those courts that can be reserved for the Friday (8 days ahead) will became available. At 1:30pm the next set of courts that can be reserved will become available and so on throughout the afternoon. The best time to reserve a court is to be ready at noon and through the afternoon. Court reservations are closed at 7:00 am for the current day and a court reservation list is posted at both the East Center and Canoa Ranch courts. You can only reserve one court during the current 8 day period.

How do I delete a Signup on Signup Genius?

To delete a reservation, go back to the Signup page. At the bottom of the information paragraphs just before the sign up list you will see "change your signup", click on that. Click the appropriator radio button based on how you signed up. Once you do that you will re-login and then you will be able to scroll down through the signups until you get to yours. Under your name you will see an 'X', click on it and you will be able to delete your reservation.