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Candidate Bio - Jay Salerno

Jay Salerno.png

Jay Salerno


I am Jay Salerno and I am running for the GVPC board position of "Member At Large", and I would very much appreciate the opportunity to represent you on our board.


I have been a member of the pickleball club for approximately five years and play at the 4.0 level. During that time I have witnessed great growth in the club, the facilities, and the challenges and successes of the club. During my involvement as a volunteer in numerous areas, such as three years helping with the 101 classes, developing skills, SLP+1, coaching the 3.0 girls TAPPL team and numerous private coaching opportunities, I have had the opportunity to speak with and get to know many members from all skill levels. From these discussions I have heard many great ideas as well as some needs and wants.


I have recently been a part of beginning a brand new program called "variable play" at the 4.0 level, designed to bring an assortment of formats of play on a rotating weekly basis, and increasing the fun and participation level for all. This is a big success and I would be very interested in sharing this with all the different levels if so desired, and am more than willing to meet with each group to help with getting this started in their group.


As I see numerous new opportunities for the growth of this club, I would like to be a part of meeting these challenges. My main goal is to be the ears and spokesperson for the entire GVPC, and I believe that every idea is worth hearing and exploring. Your input is the future of our club.


I believe that my experience as a project manager, managing numerous projects both large and small, along with being a construction superintendent for years, will help me in managing the needs of the club as we grow. I would greatly appreciate your vote.


Please feel free to contact me at any time with  any ideas or just to say hi.


I would rate myself as a 4 on "word", a 3 on "excel" and a 5 on "email"

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