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Pickleball 202

Prerequisite: Must be a 2.5 or better having completed PB 101 or PB 201. Progression of the third shot, (drop, lob, drive) based on the serving teams court position. Players will develop a better understanding and more consistency on which shot to use as the serving team advances to the no-volley-zone. Also, additional skills are introduced, dink volley, offensive lob, and the smash. Paddle control, placement positioning and team strategies will also be a focus. SUPPLIES: Please wear court or tennis shoes.


Instructor: Carol Hammerle

Fee: Member $60/Non-member +$10

Time: 3 - 5 PM


Winter 2023

  • Jan 23-Feb 6, Mondays

  • Apr 3-17, Mondays

Click here for GVR registration info and policy. Or, call (520) 625-3440, please choose option #2 for class registration.

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