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Pickleball 301

Prerequisite: Participants must be 3.5 or better, or receive special permission from the instructor as a 3.0. No exceptions. The Dynamite Doubles system created by Helle Sparre will be introduced to the participants. The system is predicated on setting up your partner for success. Dinking strategies, such as outside to outside, and middle to middle will be addressed. You will learn how to utilize the 4 reset triangles to improve overall game performance, shot selection, placement, and when and why.

Instructor: Carol Hammerle
Fee: Member $60/Non-member +$10

Time: 3 - 5 PM

Winter 2023

Feb 13-27, Mondays, 3-5 PM

Click here for GVR registration info and policy. Or, call (520) 625-3440, please choose option #2 for class registration.

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