Pickleball Media Challenge

Green Valley Pickleball and GVR were the big winners in the local media challenge that had GV News editor, Dan Shearer, playing Tucson KVOI Talk Show host Chris DeSimone in a game of pickleball at the GVR East Center courts. The challenge came about during one of Shearer's frequent appearances on the early morning show that airs 8-10 am weekdays when the conversation again turned to the topic of pickleball. DeSimone scoffs at the game, and Shearer often finds himself defending it as a wildly popular and growing sport. Dan and Chris had never played the game before and they each had a 10 minute lesson from club members. It was a come from behind victory for Dan Shearer after falling behind 1-6 in the beginning of the game. Club members rotated in as partners and the GV News team pulled ahead to win an 11-8 victory. Both Dan and Chris were impressed with how fun the game was and what a good workout. We all enjoyed the play-by-play announcing of Carol Hammerle and refereeing of Paul May.

Over 70 spectators enjoyed the event with lots of cheering and encouragement. I'm not sure Dan appreciated the offer of an apron when he couldn't stay out of the kitchen! Thanks to the members who volunteered to partner with the rookies - Jim Blain, Penny Block-Kuehl, Mary Lou Feldt, Ralph Feldt, Mark Haskoe, Mark McIntosh, Kathy Palese and Pam Sweigart.

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