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SNAP it Up

Prerequisite: Must be signed up to be rated, completed SNAP Pickleball, PB 201, 202, or 301. This one time, 2-hour class will get you ready to pass the games portion of the GVPC ratings test. You will learn how to elongate your rallies, develop your brain skills of focus, patience, and purposeful play while using all aspects of SNAP...Smart, Nimble And Purposeful. We start by learning 4 drill games and end with 30 minutes of regular play while incorporating the drill games into your rallies.


Instructor: Kathy Palese

Fee: Member $30/Non-member +$10

Time: 12 - 2:30 PM


Winter 2023

  • Jan 24, Tuesday

  • Feb 21, Tuesday

  • Mar 21, Tuesday

  • Apr 18, Tuesday

Click here for GVR registration info and policy. Or, call (520) 625-3440, please choose option #2 for class registration.

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