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Candidate Bio - Steve Fernandez

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Steve Fernandez

My name is Steve Fernandez and I am running for President of the GVR Pickleball Club.  I started playing pickleball here in Green Valley in August 2021 and have been addicted ever since. Like so many of our members, I started out as a 2.5 player and utilized the vast array of educational opportunities our club offers to advance to a 4.0 club rating. I see the future of our club as an inclusive, collaborative community of players united to achieve our common goals- essentially, a family working together to develop new and diverse programs to elevate our pickleball experience, thus keeping the game exciting, fresh and fun!


I worked for and retired from a Fortune 500 telecommunications company after 27 years. And while I wore many hats over the years, the most challenging and rewarding position was in HR and employee education. HR work teaches patience, objectivity and acceptance. Fair and equitable treatment of others is par for the course. I firmly believe that if you identify a problem, have a solution in mind as well. We can all contribute to making changes to better any situation. I sat on the bargaining committee and successfully resolved grievances between the union and management regularly. This experience was invaluable as it taught me how to see things from all sides while keeping an open mind.  I have learned that ideas are always worth sharing regardless of how big or small they may be.  However, implementation is key.   


Since 99% of all positions I held over the years required extensive computer skills, ie., Microsoft Office, I would say I currently would rate myself a 4 out of 5. The “use it or lose it” rule definitely applies since I have retired.


Since joining the GVR Pickleball Club, I have been lead coach for 2 Pickleball 101 classes and was a volunteer coach for 7 others. I have coached Pickleball 201, SNAP, SLP+1 and MLP on numerous occasions. I have been the control player several times for ratings testing as well. I take my commitments seriously and always strive to complete them. I have collaborated with several other players to conceive and implement a “Variable Play” event on Saturdays. The format changes each week and keeps the play interesting and fresh. We are in the pilot stage currently but have had a tremendous, positive response since rolling it out. While this is a 4.0/4.5 event at present, we would like to introduce it to all of the skill levels.


When I am not playing pickleball, I love to cook, read mysteries and listen to various genres of music. And needless to say, I love to eat.


I take great pride in being part of this diverse, 1000+ member club. It has introduced me to hundreds of people . Many have become great friends. And while what we want out of it differs from person to person, I am absolutely positive we all unite in our love of the sport!

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