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Sahuarita News Article on Pickleball

Pickleball Court Etiquette

What does a city have to offer to earn the title of Pickleball Capital of The World?

Pro Women's Bbls Gold Match

Minto US Open Pickleball

Sun City Approved Quiet Paddles

USAPA/IFP  Approved Paddles

Pro Mixed Doubles

2016 Gold Match

at Minto US Open Championship

The History of "The Paddle"



Three videos of how the 

game of Pickleball is played

Intro & Definitions

Serving & Scoring

Rules & Gameplay

Doubles Pickleball Strategy 101

Doubles Pickleball Strategy 102

The Rewards of Being Physically Active

The pBall Serve

Courtesy of Pickleball Channel

Music for Pickleball

Specials from PicklePro

CEO Kent Blumenthal on Radio - Kent Blumenthal

Pre-Game warm-up - tips

How to buy a paddle

Not Pickleball Stuff

Digital Archival

Senior Discounts

Arizona Pickleball Information

Pickleball Tournaments

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