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Candidate Bio - Wes Elder

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Wes Elder


My name is Wes Elder. I am running for the Green Valley Pickleball board position of "Member at Large."


My reason for running for this position is motivated by my desire to see Green Valley Pickleball continue on its upward growth toward top notch facilities, expanded opportunities for members to experience more competitive games, and events that promote fun and comradery. 


I am currently on the board of my HOA (Canoa Estates II) as the maintenance chair. I am a current member of the Elks Club. I volunteer once a week at the Green Valley Animal League. I am a current member of the Boy Scouts of America for the past 33 years. I have held many positions and chaired several events. My current position is Assistant Council Commissioner in Catalina Council.


My past experience has taught me to be a good listener and to carefully evaluate different  points of view. I am good at working with people and finding solutions to problems and obstacles.


My skill level with Excel and Word is a 2-3.


My pickleball skill level is 4.0. I am probably closer to 4.5.


I have been a member of the GV pickleball club for over 5 years.

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