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GVR Pickleball Club Conduct Expectations Policy
Excerpted From Policy Manual

Page 1 of 2 Approved 10/09/2019
2. Conduct
The GVR Pickleball Club adheres to and abides by the published GVR rules, including the GVR
Code of Conduct. The following statements reflect the etiquette, behavior, and conduct that all
GVR Pickleball Club members are expected to display while involved in any GVR Pickleball Club
activity and/or event.
As stated in our Vision Statement, “our goal is to provide a fun, safe, and enjoyable
environment that encourages all participants to reach their full potential, no matter what their
aspirations may be.” To that end, the GVR Pickleball Club expects each player/participant to be
encouraging, patient, courteous, pleasant, polite, considerate, mutually respectful, and cordial.
All (guests included) will abide by this policy as well as the rules set forth in our Bylaws and the
GVR Pickleball Club Policy Manual.
The GVR Pickleball Club Policy Manual states that “all members deserve the right to enjoy play
without the fear of any type of harassment or intimidation.” While rare, sometimes the stated
goal and expectations are not met. This policy clarifies the process and areas of responsibility.
If member(s) believe they have experienced or witnessed conduct that counters this policy they
should address the matter directly, without delay, with affected individual(s) for resolution. For
matters unresolved by direct and reasonable attempts or inability by affected member(s), the
GVR Pickleball Club Discipline Plan can be invoked.
The GVR Pickleball Club (GVRPC) has adopted the following discipline plan:
1) If affected member(s) have been unsuccessful to directly and reasonably resolve or
mitigate a matter, they should complete and submit to the GVRPC the GVR Club
Incident Form (Incident Form). GVRPC will not act upon a matter unless the form has
been submitted.
2) If affected members feel unsafe dealing directly with an individual or group, due to fear
of repercussions, they should complete and submit to the GVRPC the Incident Form.
GVRPC will not act upon a matter unless the form has been submitted.
3) Upon receipt of Incident Form – GVRPC Board (with a quorum present) shall meet in
executive session and review the report and adhere to the following procedure:
a. Timely notice will be given to member(s) identified in the Incident Report to
meet with the GVRPC Board to obtain their perspective on the reported
b. Should the GVRPC Board find that the reports are warranted, they have the right
to take action ranging from developing a plan and timeline for corrective action,
suspension of club activities and/or responsibilities, and membership revocation
(every opportunity to correct the behavior(s) should be given the member
before dismissal from the club).
GVR Pickleball Club Conduct Expectations Policy
Excerpted From Policy Manual
Page 2 of 2 Approved 10/09/2019
c. All completed Incident Forms will be forwarded to GVR for their records.
Depending on the nature, frequency, and severity of reported incidents, the
GVRPC Board may at any time request that GVR follow current GVR procedures
as stated in the GVR Corporate Policy Manual.
d. Official notice of actions and decisions from GVRPC and/or GVR will be
communicated via email.
e. All meetings and actions regarding conduct are to be completed in Executive
Session, whereby a quorum of GVRPC Board members must be established.
These meetings are closed to the membership. The content of these meetings
and any related or subsequent communications (traditional and electronic) is
confidential and Board members are prohibited from sharing notes or discussing
the content of these meetings with anyone who is not an active Board member
or authorized GVR contact. This restriction also applies to past Board members
who have participated in any Executive Session Board meetings.

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