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24 Court Donation Summary

Thanks to all who have contributed so far.

Some gave a lot. A lot gave some.

It's not too late to join us, but you better hurry!

We're so close to 24 and every dollar counts now.

As of Friday, August 27, 2019:

Contributions through GVR Pickleball Club = $170,985

Contributions through GVR Foundation = $176,470

Total contributions received(*) = $347,455

Number of contributors(**) = 553

4 additional courts = $85,000 (DONE!)

8 additional courts = $170,000 (DONE!)

12 additional courts = $255,000 (DONE!)

16 additional courts = $340,000 (DONE!)

(*) $102,000 of this total was in club and GVRF reserves on 7/1/2019 from prior fundraising efforts

(**) 534 contributors to this campaign starting 7/1/2019 and does not include contributors through prior fundraising efforts

In October 2021, a request was made to the GVR Foundation and the Greater Green Valley Community Foundation to provide the remainder of $15,000 of each foundation's original commitment of $25,000. These funds totaled $30,000 and will be allocated to funding of permanent benches, portable bleachers, monument signage, and paving options for open area.

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