Skills Improvement

The Club offers options free of charge to active club members for those looking to learn (beginners) and improve (intermediate and advanced) their skills. While there is no charge for these, they do require registration through Pickleball Plus ( (select Events tab and look for available options). See explanation of Pickleball Plus for more information on the sign-up process.

Developing Skills (to sign up look for DS on the Event tab in Pickleball.Plus). Developing Skills is a pickleball program offered through the GVR Pickleball Club to assist members by enhancing skill levels from 2.0-2.5.  The program is made possible through volunteer coaches providing their time, expertise and instruction. Players are encouraged to use Developing Skills as a steppingstone to improve their skills after taking a GVR 101 class or equivalent. Participants may be a part of DS for 4 sessions then must join the club for a $15 annual fee. The GVR Pickleball Club provides an extensive educational program for all of its members. The educational program is designed with a scope and sequence allowing for proper progression in learning skills and strategies. Developing Skills is an integral part of the sequence and is free to all club members.

Player Skills Development (to sign up look for PSD on the Event tab in Pickleball.Plus) sessions are intended for intermediate and advanced players seeking to move up to the next level. They are organized around the ratings process skills requirements.