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Member Benefits

What services does the Club provide to its members?

  • Provides pickleballs.

  • Organizes and runs periodic Club tournaments throughout the year.

  • Organizes and hosts Club parties and picnics throughout the year.

  • Provides Developing Skills for beginning players.

  • Provides coaches for Club Skills and Drills, ball machine training, etc.

  • Provides coaches for GVR pickleball classes.

  • Provides rating evaluations for members.

  • Develops and maintains the Club website and online signups for club events.

  • Manages Club membership records and supplies timely information to members through email, bulletin boards at the courts and information available at the sign in boxes.

  • Develops court usage schedules which are fair to all skill levels for both recreational and competitive members and also structured time to allow for round robins, classes and lessons, challenge courts, etc.

  • Assures court maintenance is done (either by GVR or Club members).

  • Provides volunteers to run the Southern Arizona Senior Games pickleball tournament.



How does the Club represent its membership to GVR?

  • Identifies club needs and submits annual requests to GVR.

  • Works with GVR staff on a continual basis to ensure court safety and availability.

  • Reports issues to GVR that need attention and/or maintenance.



How is the Club membership money spent?

  • Balls

  • Lobster ball machines, dolly, ball buckets, etc.

  • Hitting wall on court 1 at East Center and court 5 at the KJB Pickleball Center

  • New bleachers for East Center

  • Court supplies – ball holders, paddle cables, first aid supplies, windsocks, etc.

  • Court banners and signage

  • Sign-in and Storage units (purchase and maintenance)

  • Funds for Club social events

  • Purchase and resale of Club shirts and jackets

  • Website (WIX) fees, domain fees, Pickleball Plus fees.

  • Club portion of shared expenses for capital projects and improvements such as shade structures, ceiling fans, bag racks, and lighting

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