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Club Skill Ratings

a.  Club Skill Ratings are Managed by the Ratings Committee

b.  Rationale and Definition of Ratings

i.   Pickleball ratings are defined by USAP (USA Pickleball) and are used to evaluate and designate the abilities of a pickleball player. These ratings can be used to help find players who play at a comparable level to make play enjoyable and, as appropriate, competitive.

ii. The Club's ratings rationale and process are not exactly the same but are informed by elements from the USAP and the IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association).

iii. The goal of the GVRPC ratings system is intended to allow the scheduling and management of the 36 court complex while building a culture accepting of achieving higher-level skills, not just the ability to win a game.

c.  A member's initial rating is described as follows:

i.  1.5 for beginners with no prior pickleball experience

ii.  2.0 for players who know how to keep score, knowledge of the basic rules, have the basic strokes, or has completed Pickleball 101 class.

iii.  2.5 for players with previous pickleball experience or may have a higher rating from another Club, IPTPA, or USA Pickleball (Quarterly UTPR).

d.  The Club provides rating evaluation for 1.5 & 2.0 players via Primary Instructors/Coaches while attending Developing Skills or GVR Pickleball classes.

e.  For experienced players joining the GVRPC as new members and have a rating above 2.5, the member shall send an email to: documenting their Quarterly UTPR, IPTPA rating, or their current club rating from an organized club to the Ratings Committee for consideration.

  i.  For another club’s rating to be considered, the other organized club must have a formal rating process that can be reviewed by the GVRPC.  In addition, the other club’s goals and requirements must align with the goals of the GVRPC in order to be considered. The other club’s documentation must be sent directly to the GVRPC for review. Simply listing a rating without explanation of process is not sufficient. The Ratings Committee shall make a determination based upon the submitted documentation and their observations of the new club member’s play.

ii. The following ratings are not accepted by the Club:  DUPR, WPR, USAPA Ambassador.

iii. The GVRPC will accept USAP’s UTPR (tournament derived), IPTPA, and possibly other club skill ratings as GVRPC skill ratings.  However, GVRPC ratings are not accepted as USAP or IPTPA skill ratings by these organizations.

iv. IPTPA testing can be scheduled directly through the IPTPA website for a fee.

f.  RAP - Rating Assessment, Demo & Practice sessions are conducted during the rating period.  These are optional (not required to sign up for a rating test) sessions for a player, who will be given the applicable skills test and learn how to play ghost doubles.

i.  Highly recommended at least 2 weeks prior to Rating Test to identify which skills to concentrate on during practice.  You will receive a copy of the skills test.

ii. Sign up in Pickleball Plus is required to attend.

iii.  Testees are limited to 1 sign up per rating season. 

g.  The Club provides ratings evaluation via the Ratings Committee from approximately October 15 through April 30 each year.

h.  Members desiring to be evaluated to advance to a higher skill level can follow the Club’s Skills Rating two step process.

i.  Step 1: Player Rules Test

Take the online USA Pickleball Player Rules Test.

---Upon completion of the test, the member will receive an email from USAP with the results.

---The member shall forward this email to

---Once this confirmation is received by the Club, the requestor will be added to a group of members eligible to register for available testing slots for Skills/Game Test.

NOTE: You do not have to be a member of USA Pickleball to take the test. When registering for the test, simply leave the USAP field number blank. The Club does not require a passing score for the test as it is weighted toward tournament play and we realize that this will not be the reality for a majority of our players. The aim for this element is to ensure that club members know how to access the official rules of pickleball and have been exposed to interpretations of various play scenarios.​

ii.           Step 2: Skills and Game Tests - Register (limited to those who have been placed in the eligible group) via Pickleball.Plus having submitted rules test results.

---The skills test will be conducted first, then followed immediately by the game test.

---Each skills test will have a minimum passing score depending upon the skill level.

---The Testee will be notified if they passed the Skills Test after the finishing of the Game Test portion.​

(a)   Skills Test details: A number of different skills will be tested. Each skill is assigned an X number of attempts and a minimum target number of successful attempts.  In order to remain as objective as possible, the skills test is modeled after IPTPA recommendations and how they test.   A passing combined score for all skills tested is required. It should be noted that you could get zero points for a particular skill that can be offset by scoring high in another skill.  Each skill level has its own criteria for passing.

(b)    Game Test details: The format for the game test will consist of two players on the court playing “ghost doubles” as defined by the IPTPA. Three games to 11 points, rally scoring, and changing ends at 6 points. 23 total points for the 3 games will be required to pass. More information about Ghost Doubles can be found here.

The Testee will play the games as follows:

Scenario #1:  3 Testees – Each will play against 2 Testees and 1 Control Player

Scenario #2:  2 Testees – Each will play against 1 Testee and the Control Player Twice

Scenario #3:  1 Testee   - Will play against the Control 3 times.

(c)  To be successful, a Testee must pass both the Skills and Game Tests.  They will be informed after completing the game test, whether they passed the skills test and game test.

(d)  If either test is not passed, then the Skills and Game Tests will need to be taken again. 

i.  Links to current forms outlining the skills along with responses to frequently asked questions are below.

Ratings Forms and FAQ

GVRPBC Skill and Game Play Rating Test 2.5 to 3.0

GVRPBC Skill and Game Play Rating Test 3.0 to 3.5

GVPPBC Skill and Game Play Rating Test 3.5 to 4.0

Click here to access the FAQs and Select Ratings

j.  A month interval shall be observed between unsuccessful skill/game attempts.

k. Testees will have a limit of 2 skill/game attempts per skill level during the rating year (October – April).

l. Testee needs to email GVRPC if they want to skip a skill level and test at the next higher level.

m.  Members desiring to move down a skill level can submit a private request to the Ratings Committee at any time.

Process to Obtain a Rating
Test Requirements
Addtional Methods
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