Rationale and Definition of Ratings

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Rationale and Definition of Ratings

Pickleball ratings are defined by USAP (USA Pickleball) and are used to evaluate and designate the abilities of a pickleball player. These ratings can be used to help find players who play at a comparable level to make play enjoyable and as appropriate competitive. The Club's ratings rationale and process are not exactly the same, but are informed by elements from the USAP and IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association). The goal of the GVRPBC ratings system is to allow for the scheduling and management of the 36 court complex while building a culture accepting of achieving higher-level skills, not just the ability to win a game.


Experienced Player - In the event a new club member is an experienced player and has a rating above 2.5, the member shall send an email to greenvalleypickleballclub@gmail.com documenting their USAP, IPTPA rating or their current club rating from an organized club to the Ratings Committee for consideration. For the other club’s rating to be considered, the other organized club must have a formal rating process that can be reviewed by the GVRPBC.  In addition, the other club’s goals and requirements must align with the goals of the GVRPBC in order to be considered. The other club’s documentation must be sent directly to the GVRPBC for review. Simply listing a rating without explanation of process is not sufficient. The Ratings Committee shall make a determination based upon the submitted documentation and their observations of the new club member’s play.

New Player - A member's initial or self rating cannot exceed 2.5 and is to be set at 2.0 or 2.5 once the member has completed Pickleball 101 or Developing Skills classes. Primary Instructors (designated by GVRPBC) may recommend assigning a level up to 2.5 at the request of the member. The Ratings Committee will review the recommendation,

make a determination and update the member's rating in the Club's tracking document and member database Pickleball.Plus.

Process to Obtain a Rating through GVRPBC The rating process is currently being revised.  The process will continue to be updated prior to testing in October.

As a member benefit, GVRPBC provides ratings evaluations (free of charge) via the Ratings Committee from approximately October 15 through April 30 each year. During that time period:

If someone is brand new to pickleball and needs an initial skill assessment, the Club offers that in its free Developing Skills (DS) program as the coaches can recommend up to level 2.5. To advance to the next level 3.0 and beyond, the following process will be observed.

Step 1: Rules Test - Take the online USA Pickleball Player Rules Test. Upon completion of the test, the member will receive an email from USAP with the results. The member shall forward this email to greenvalleypickleballclub@gmail.com. Once this confirmation is received by the Club, the requestor will be added to a group of members eligible to register for available slots* (mid-October through April) for Skills/Game Test. NOTE: You do not have to be a member of USA Pickleball to take the test. When registering for the test, simply leave the USAP field number blank. The Club does not require a passing score for the test as it is weighted toward tournament play and we realize that this will not be the reality for a majority of our players. The aim for this element is to ensure that club members know how to access the official rules of pickleball and have been exposed to interpretations of various play scenarios. Take the test and forward to the club the confirmation email received from USAP. 

Step 1 Alternate (For those that have already submitted the Rules Test for a previous Ratings Testing with GVRPBC) – The member shall send an email to greenvalleypickleballclub@gmail.com with the request to be tested for the next rating. Once this request is received by the Club, the requestor will be added to a group of members eligible to register for available slots* (mid-October through April) for Skills Test.


*To manage the number of those wishing to test, the Club will batch requests monthly, e.g. Rules Test results received by the 3rd Monday in Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar will be added to a group eligible to proceed with testing for the following month. Available slots will be dictated by the number of those requesting to be tested and number of available volunteers. Those unable to test will be advanced to the next available month.

Step 2: Skills and Game Tests - Register (limited to those who have been placed in the eligible group) via Pickleball.Plus having submitted rules test results. The skills test will be conducted first, then followed immediately by the game test. Each test will have a passing score depending upon the skill level.

Skills Test details: A number of different skills will be tested, each skill is assigned an X number of 
attempts and a target number of successful attempts. Each skill level has a cumulative minimum 
number of successful attempts to pass.

Game Test details: The format for the game test will be “ghost skinny singles”, 3 games to 11 points, 
rally scoring, and change ends at 6 pts. 23 total points for the 3 games will be required to pass.

To be successful, a member must pass both the Skills and Game Tests. If either one is not passed, 
then the Skills and Game Tests will need to be taken again.

Exception: Those members who are game eligible after Ratings Testing ended in April, will be eligible 
for the game test in the fall. They will not have to retake the Skills Test.

Skills & Game Play Test Requirements - The links below list the requirements for the Skills and Game Play tests. Candidates should be familiar with the requirements for each and have practiced before attempting the tests.

Rating test forms are being revised based upon the revised rating process.

GVRPBC Skill and Game Play Rating Test 2.5 to 3.0

GVRPBC Skill and Game Play Rating Test 3.0 to 3.5

GVPPBC Skill and Game Play Rating Test 3.5 to 4.0

More details about the Ratings Process, e.g. signing up, test limits, volunteer needs, etc. will be 
available prior to testing beginning in October. 

Additional Methods for Obtaining a Rating

The following methods are suitable substitutes for obtaining a rating outside the Club. They require separate membership and financial payment to either: USAP sanctioned tournament(s) or certified IPTPA tester. If either rating is obtained, the member shall email to greenvalleypickleballclub@gmail.com notice of their new USAP or IPTPA rating to the Ratings Committee. The Ratings Committee will review the information, make a determination and update the member's rating in the Club's tracking document and member database Pickleball.Plus.

  • Skill and Game Play Testing via International Pickleball Players Teaching Association (IPTPA).

  • Participation in tournaments that have the appropriate sanctioning by USA Pickleball.

Have Questions? We thought you might so we created an extensive list on our FAQ Page.

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