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Candidate Bio - Jeff Washburn

Jeff Washburn

Jeff Washburn


Describe motivation to serve on the Board of Directors:  Like many of you I am committed to continuous positive growth by seeking and being successful with new experiences, and engaging with and serving this community. I fully understand the effort and commitment it has taken to realize this  club – the facilities and support infrastructure including the many play, instructional and testing opportunities and events and the literally hundreds of volunteers and thousands of volunteer hours it has taken and will take in the future to not only maintain, but position and grow the club to meet the needs of our members and those who engage with us. I offer sincere thanks, and deepest respect and gratitude to those who have come before and performed this work. I believe myself to be a visionary and practical leader uniquely qualified to honor the accomplishments of the past and lead the club into a very bright future. I ask for your vote and thank you for your support.


Describe experience this nominee will bring to the position:  Extensive educational, professional and volunteer experience with many organizations over the last 50+ years – too many to outline here but a few relevant examples are as follows: Educational / Professional:  1. I hold a B.S. in Organizational Behavior, a Master of Science Degree in Nursing and a post-graduate certificate in Biomedical Informatics.  A. I completed a VALOR Honors residency in nursing leadership with the Veteran’s Administration Hospital at Fort Miley in San Francisco California and B. I am a graduate of Intermountain Healthcare’s internationally renowned Healthcare Quality Institute Facilitator Training program. 2. Health care professional with over 40 cumulative years of bedside nursing, administrative leadership and consultation experience (Respiratory Therapy, ICU, ICU step-down, Hospice, Psych ER, Case Management, department management, project management and software development and implementation).  A. Over 20 years as a hiring manager while actively participating in developing and implementing professional health care standards in clinical systems. This involved leading and managing various interdisciplinary teams (e.g., MDs, Nurses, PTs, etc.) in writing and implementing patient care protocols in a variety of treatment settings through the use of software and other tools. Volunteer: 1. President / Director of Government Relations - California Nursing Students Association (in partnership with the California Nurses Association). 2. President – San Francisco State University chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing 3. Treasurer  / Member Board of Directors - Utah Nursing Association (UNA) 4. Member of Board of Directors of ONE-C (Organization of Nurse Executives – California), U-ONE (Utah Organization of Nurse Executives). 5. Member of the following health care ethics groups:  Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics – Palo Alto California,  Ethics Committee at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Palo Alto and the Ethics Committee at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City Utah. 6. Volunteer with the Contra Costa County Crisis Intervention Team in California (suicide prevention, child and family protective services, rape prevention and intervention). 7. Hospice nursing case management and support volunteer. 8. Volunteer nurse at the 4th Street Homeless Clinic – Salt Lake City. 9. I have been very active in the California and Utah Squash communities for over 40 years including being the President of the Stanford Squash Club and running a Bay-area Squash league for a few years (I even won a tournament or two [at my level] over the years). 10. Finally - since taking up Pickleball here in Green Valley a number of months ago (I retired in May 2023) I have tried to give back a little by participating as a volunteer in the PB instructional classes, RAP, Developing Skills, Ratings Testing and SLP+ 1 programs.


Rate skill and experience with computer systems to work with member databases, scheduling, communications and websites (1 - low to 5 - high):  5 – while not a programmer (or the Help Desk for that matter) I have over 20 years of professional experience as a systems analyst / project manager, product development lead and software development consultant in health care information systems while working with an internationally respected health care system (Intermountain Healthcare) in Salt Lake City (now known as Intermountain Health).


Number of years as a club member: Two


Club Skill Rating: 3.5


Additional Comments: I enjoy a broad range of activities – never met a sport I didn’t love. I am an audiophile sort of person having managed two record stores, a band and sold high end audio gear for several years in a previous life. I read extensively (primarily history, current events and science – no fiction) and have been known to collect rare or first edition printings of particular books.

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