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To register for an event such as a Round Robin or Rating Review you need to select “Calendar” from the top tabbed bar.  At that point the calendar page will display the scheduled events including Ratings Reviews.

After clicking on an event (Rating Reviews, Round Robins and Classes) you will have to confirm the signup.  After signing up for any event or court you will receive confirmation emails.  For those that reserve Tutor (you must first reserve a court at East Center) you’re confirmation email will have the electronic door lock four digit code.

If you are a GVR member but not a Pickleball club member you can reserve courts and attend some designated events.  To sign in use the following method.

After going to the member login and clicking on logging in in the upper right corner you will have the following dialog box:

Select “Not a club Member….” On the green icon.

You will then have the following dialog box:non club member name & gvr number.jpg

Enter the last name of the current GVR membership and GVR number.  These are checked with the GVR member database.

If valid you will have the following dialog box to complete:

How to Sign Up for Events, Rating Reviews and Reserving a Court using Pickleball Plus

After completing the login using your member email and password (see below for GVR members login that are not club members) you will have the following options:

Using the Courts tab you can select a venue. Using the date navigation arrows you can scroll through the dates and select a location, date and time to reserve a court.

To reserve a court and or signup for an event you must sign in to the Pickleball Plus website (


You can also navigate to the Pickleball Plus web site by clicking on:  “Member Login” in the main menu. You will then have to select “Login” located in the upper right corner.​

You can now reserve a court or signup for designated events (see above).

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